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Selected Articles, Case Studies, Presentations and Scholarship

09/01/23: “Inclusive excellence online: Pandemic lessons learned supporting traditionally underserved students,” in Advances in Online Education: A Peer-Reviewed Journal (Volume 2, Issue 1), Fall 2023 | UMBC Box Version (login req’d).

08/24/23: “Banking on adaptive questions to nudge student responsibility for learning in general chemistry,” in Data Analytics and Adaptive Learning (2023) | UMBC Box version (login req’d).

05/11/22: “Analytics without Action is Just Analysis,” keynote presentation & recording, Indiana University Learning Analytics Summit.

01/21/22: “Storytelling with Learning Analytics: Shifting of Faculty Perspectives About Student Success,” AAC&U Annual Meeting (presentation with Indiana University & University of Southern Indiana).

12/17/21: “Using Learning Analytics and Instructional Design to Inform, Find, and Scale Quality Online Learning,” in Online Learning Analytics  | UMBC Box version (login req’d).

09/29/21: “Scaling Course Design as Learning Analytics Variable,” in Blended Learning Research Perspectives, Vol. 3, Ch. 5. | UMBC Box version (login req’d).

05/26/20: “Ethical Learning Analytics: ‘Do No Harm’ Versus ‘Do Nothing,'” in New Directions in Institutional Research, Vol. 2019, Issue 183, pp. 27-38. | UMBC Box version (login req’d).

11/19/19: Faculty Senate Executive Committee, “Analytics Overview Presentation to the Faculty Senate Executive Committee,” UMBC

9/18/19: Cornell Data Science Forum, “Applications and how to push the last mile: Inaugural Cornell Data Science Forum,” Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

9/18/19: Cornell Data Science Forum, “Aligning data science investments to create value: Cornell Data Science Forum,” Cornell University, Ithaca, NY

7/31/19: “Predictive Analytics in Pursuit of Student Success“, Educause (YouTube)

3/28/19: “Triangulating Student Engagement with ‘Built and Bought” Learning Analytics” (Emerging Trends in Learning Analytics)

11/26/18: “UMBC partners with Blackboard, VitalSource on research to support student success” (UMBC News)

8/9/18: “Combining Data from Multiple Digital Learning Tools Produces Better Prediction” (Campus Technology)

7/23/18: “Here’s what makes students 200 percent more likely to pass” (eCampus News)

7/12/18: “Combining Activity Data from Multiple Sources to Improve Student Success Presentations” (Blackboard Blog)

2/1/18: “The use of Blackboard Predict in UMBC’s Student Success Support Ecosystem” (Bb Analytics Summit)

9/19/17: “The Secret to Life-long Learning is Taking Responsibility for It,” in ELearn Magazine.

9/7/17: “Using Analytics to Nudge Student Responsibility for Learning” in Learning Analytics in Higher Education.

8/14/17: Oregon State University Research in Action (RIA) Podcast #72: “Dr. John Fritz on Researching Course Design and Analytics”

8/10/17: “3 Ways IT is Impacting Student Success” in Campus Technology

8/10/17: “Students want more real-time information about progress” in Education Dive

7/27/17: “Linking Data to Decision-Making” in Campus Technology

7/27/17: “Organizational strategies for student success: decisions, decisions” (BbWorld17 presentation)

7/17/17: “Moving the Heart and Head: Implications for Learning Analytics Research” in Educause Review Online

2/27/17: “Learning Analytics for LMS Course Design: Two Studies” in Educause Review Online

2/1/17: “Using Technology to Leverage Peer Pressure” @ Blackboard Analytics Symposium

11/14/16“Modeling an IT Strategy for Student Success” in Educause Review Online

July 2016: Dissertation: Using Analytics to Encourage Student Responsibility for Learning and Identify Course Designs That Help

6/11/16: “Maryland universities to use data to predict student success — or failure,” The Baltimore Sun

4/25/16: “LMS Course Design as Learning Analytics Variable,” LAK 2016 Proceedings

4/19/16: “JISC Case Study: Analysing Use of the Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) at UMBC”

1/28/16: “Unlocking Predictive Analytics to Improve Student Engagement and Retention,” Campus Technology

11/10/15: “Using FAQs to Help Users Help Themselves,” ACM Proceedings for 2015 SIGUCCS Annual Meeting

8/5/13: “It’s Not Just the IT Help Desk Anymore,” EDUCAUSE Review Online

4/30/13: “Encouraging Student Responsibility and Identifying Effective Course Designs,” ECAR Research Bulletin

9/6/12: “How Analytics Changed A University Accounting Course — And Student Behavior,” Data Informed

9/5/12: “Video Discussion on Student Analytics Between IR, Enrollment Management, and IT

9/5/12: “Using Analytics for Institutional Transformation,” EDUCAUSE Review Online

9/12/11: “Assessment and Analytics for Institutional Transformation,” EDUCAUSE Review Online

March 2011: “Classroom Walls that Talk,” The Internet and Higher Education

12/15/10: “A Video Demo of UMBC’s ‘Check My Activity’ tool for students, EDUCAUSE Quarterly

1/16/09: “A Wired Way to Rate Professors — And Connect Them,” The Chronicle of Higher Education

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